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At ARS, students have music for 40 minutes twice a week. Music is centered on the concepts of community, creativity/self-expression and connection. ARS students sing together throughout the school year in music, at assemblies and for special events. When students sing together, it brings a sense of oneness and helps them to identify themselves as an important member of the ARS community. In music class, students express their thoughts and feelings through the exploration and development of musical elements through singing, games, instrument playing and movement. Music students learn songs and games that relate to history/class studies, the celebration of holidays, and American and world culture to help them better understand and put in context the world around them.

All of this starts in JK, where students begin singing, chanting, playing games, moving, and playing various small percussion instruments. As students move on in grade level, students accompany themselves on pitched percussion, such as the xylophone and glockenspiel. From third to fifth grades, students play recorder and learn note reading.

Students have several singing opportunities throughout the year, including at the Kirking, the winter program and graduation. There is an after school singing group (ARS Singers) as well as music lessons in violin, cello, guitar and piano.