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Alumni Profiles

Alexander Robertson is proud of our 230 years of alumni! We love to learn how alumni are faring in middle and high school, college and beyond. Here is the latest alumni interview. Click here for previous profiles.

February 16, 2022

Kate Goewey


Kate Goewey, ARS '20, spent the last three months of fifth grade learning remotely then entered 6th grade at Calhoun School in the middle of the pandemic. Sounds stressful? "It was surprisingly pretty easy!" said Kate. She credits the kind and mellow community at Calhoun for easing the transition, plus she found that ARS had prepared her well for middle school.

One of the bigger contrasts was moving from a traditional classroom setting to Calhoun's open concept plan that uses thin walls or bookshelf dividers to section off classes. Moving from class to class, with multiple teachers giving homework, was another adjustment for Kate. "It would have been nice to hear about the amount of work in middle school! But the teachers are supportive and my English teacher is amazing. English is my favorite class." Kate is also enjoying the extra electives offered at Calhoun, including playwriting, digital art and sculpture.

Looking back at her elementary school days, the biggest thing she misses is the strong sense of community at ARS. "It was easy to make friends and I knew everyone." Fifth grade teacher Elsie Juwayeyi remembered Kate as an enthusiastic student determined to attain her academic goals. "She set a standard of good student behavior in our classroom!" said Ms Juwayeyi.

However, Kate advises our current fifth graders not to worry about changing schools. "It's really not a stressful thing!" She was slightly anxious about making new friends but found everyone to be kind. She is thriving at Calhoun and expects to remain there through high school.

Kate remains in touch with ARS classmates and we look forward to inviting everyone back to gather as soon as we are able!