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The Alexander Robertson School is a co-educational independent school serving students from Junior-Kindergarten through 5th Grade. We welcome families of every configuration, ethnicity, and religious tradition and believe that small class sizes make a big difference in a child’s ability to learn and engage with curriculum.

The Wisdom of Choosing an Elementary School

ARS does one thing best: elementary education. The elementary school years are the most crucial, for it is during these years that the skills and patterns for academic and general success are laid. The foundational skills are introduced, developed and honed. A child can graduate as a fully recognized and independent student. There is an intention, a focus and a real purpose in everything that we do which is driven exclusively to serve children in their elementary years.

It is far easier to gain admission to the right school for an applicant at the middle school level than it is at Kindergarten level. Every school has additional openings for middle school and there is so much more relevant information about a middle school aged student than there is about a four year old child.

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