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Diversity and Inclusion

Alexander Robertson School was founded with a mission dedicated to educating students from varied backgrounds. We have always and will always be committed to continuing the work of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Access. ARS was one of the very first schools that welcomed girls from its onset, in 1789. That initial spirit of inclusivity continues to be a vital component continually guiding who we are today. Our students comprise a mix of cultural, religious, ethnic, racial, geographic and socio-economic backgrounds. Different cultural backgrounds are expressed and shared through art, music, recipes, traditional celebrations and language.

Racial Literacy Program

The goal of this school-wide initiative is to build bridges and connections that will engage our students inside and outside the classroom by encouraging racial literacy, along with geographic and cultural awareness. Fiction and nonfiction texts and other media serve as talking points for classroom dialogue, widening the cultural lens of students in age appropriate ways.