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Language Program

The ARS world language program which includes French, Spanish and Mandarin begins in Junior Kindergarten and continues through Fifth grade, providing the basic foundation necessary to achieve success in second language acquisition. The program fosters an environment that promotes openness, connection and curiosity setting up our students for opportunity, growth, and global cultural understanding, by providing a ‘real’ connection with the world and better understanding of their own language.

Students are asked to demonstrate all four components of language: listening, speaking, reading, and writing in order to be able to communicate in an effective manner. The use of videos, pictures, songs, dance, acting, role plays, flash cards, cultural activities and projects help students internalize and communicate in the language. Each year builds upon the year before, expanding previous knowledge through review and differentiated learning.

The ARS community participates in an annual student led Spring Language Festival. Costumes, student performances, artwork and music are all part of the year-end celebration of our global language culture. The program uses the world language standards created by The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language (ACTFL).