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Physical Education ~ Younger Grades

Physical Education for Junior-K and K will develop knowledge and understanding of physical activity. It is important that all children are active and learn to play cooperatively. Fundamental Movement skills include underhand throwing, galloping, hopping, jumping, running, skipping and about the importance of having a healthy lifestyle.

Physical Education ~ Older Grades

For grades 1-5 engages all students in a wide spectrum of physical activities that they can participate in and enjoy(i.e.: soccer, basketball, baseball, floor hockey, volleyball. tennis, and track and field events). The goals of the curriculum is to develop student’s sports skills in a way that builds self confidence and self esteem by reinforcing success and making achievement demonstrable. Another goal is to familiarize students with the rules and strategies of a variety of sports and to emphasize the importance of teamwork and good sportsmanship that game playing requires. The curriculum also emphasizes the importance of physical activity in staying fit and leading a healthy life. Finally, students will have lots of fun.