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The Alexander Robertson School Art program focuses on developing students’ own innate creative gifts. Engagement in the visual arts permits students to become active initiators rather than passive receivers of information and fosters creative self-expression and aesthetic awareness. From the earliest grades they are provided an opportunity to discover, develop, and actualize their unique potential.ARS artists are able to work in a number of mediums and disciplines which include assemblage, collage, decoupage, screen printing, jewelry making, sculpture, drawing, painting (tempura, acrylic) and watercolor. Recycled, discarded and everyday materials are employed in many of the students’ work. Art history, museum visits and introduction to well-known, as well as, little known artists are included in the curriculum.

The emphasis of the program is on learning techniques and exploring unique materials to create art, while at the same time building confidence, problem solving, thinking out of the box, while developing creativity and self-expression. The art program assists our students in developing the many facets of multiple intelligences while providing meaningful learning opportunities for critical and creative thinking.